State of JavaScript routing

It’s 2021 and client-side navigation on the web is still an open problem. Let’s recap where we are and where we’re going.

How to grab control: 4 tactics used by UI libraries

In this post we explore tactics used by maintream UI libraries to obtain control.

A multiplayer game of pong on the ESP8266

This is absolutely not what this chip had been designed to do. But here it is: the WiFi multiplayer game of pong on the ESP8266.

The definitive ESP8266 getting started guide for programmers

What is the ESP8266?

The ESP8266 is the Ford model T of the electronics hobbyist: bringing wifi capabilities to the masses at a ridiculously low price. When I first heard about it, it just blew my mind. GPIO + wifi for a couple of bucks?! GET, OUT!

How not to suck at GitHub

So you learned a bit of programming and you know how to use git. You are ready to materialize your thoughts through the mighty power of code, and make your art available to the whole world using the most popular open source social network on earth.

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